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Land of India is well embellished with the rich culture and traditions. On your cultural travel vacations in India take a culture tour in India and get to know more about Indian culture through fairs and festivals, arts and crafts, language and literature, Indian cuisine and diverse religions. Wonder at the cultural richness and artistic vision of the Rajas and craftsmen of ancient times. Indian culture well preserved in its historic cities, amazing monuments and breathtaking temples and shrines definitely going to leave a long lasting impact on its visitors.
India - Culture of India
Culture of India

India is blessed with rich culture and heritage. The culture of India is one of the oldest cultures in the world. Right from the medieval period there prevail diverse cultural diversities in form of dances, languages, religions, people, their customs, festivals. Every state of India has its own distinct cultures and has carved out its own cultural niche. In spite of so much of cultural diversities, Indian's are closely bond and makes India as a great country perhaps because of its common history. Dating back to over 5000 years old civilization, India's culture has been adorned by migrating population, which over a period got absorbed into the Indian way of life. This great Indian culture comprises of Indian music, Indian Dance, Indian cuisine, costumes and Indian Festivals.

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Indian art and craft has made its special place and is well renowned all over the world. The history of Indian crafts dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. The major art and craft of India includes Indian handicrafts like paintings, sculptures, textile, jewelry, stone and woodcrafts and much more. These tradition craft have withstood the devastation of time and continue to evolve in a influential and pulsing manner.
.. Embroidery.. Ornaments & Jewellery.. Paper Crafts
.. Terracotta.. Applique Work.. Painting
Enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies of Indian food. Rich and diverse Indian cuisine is simply tempting and irresistible. The North Indian, South Indian and East and West Indian Cuisine have their own flavor and specialties. Traditionally, meals are eaten while sitting on the floor with the fingers of the right hand.
.. South Indian Cuisine.. North Indian Cuisine
.. Tamil Nadu Cuisine.. Andra Pradesh Cuisine
India is a land of many religions with its deep historical roots. It is the home to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, and has also given adequate space to migratory religions like Islam and Christianity. Indian religion is not reachable without understanding its religious beliefs and practices, which have a large impact on the society and its people.
.. Hinduism.. Buddhism
.. Islam.. Christianity
Indian Dance art is also one of the age-old tradition prevailing in India. Using the body as a medium of communication, Indian dance has developed as easily understood art form. Dance in India has ooze into several other zones like poetry, sculpture, architecture, literature, music and theatre.
.. Karnataka Dance.. Andhra Pradesh Dances.. Tamil Nadu Dances.. Maharashtra Dances
.. Himachal Pradesh Dances.. Haryana Dances.. Madhya Pradesh Dances
.. Assam Dances.. Manipuri Dances.. Rajasthan (Jaipur Dances).. Odissi Dance
India's history and culture is ancient and influential, stretching back to the beginning of human civilization, starting from ancient history of India to modern Indian history. Great India history dates back to 3000 BC of ancient Indus valley civilization and Harappa civilization to 1000 AD of Chola Dynasty of ancient history of India.
.. Ancient History.. Medieval History
.. Modern History.. Indian Independence
The ancient Indian Vedic scriptures are the greatest heritage of India. The depth of these ancient texts is so immense that one can choose ones path to attain salvation as per ones spiritual proclivity. These sacred texts are evolved over a period of time, hence made the Hindu religion the most in-depth and the most reformed religion.
.. Ramayana..Bhagwadgita
.. Mahabharata.. Vedas
One of the earliest known writing systems came from India, probably around 2500 BC. There are numerous linguistic communities prevailing in the sub-continent of India, each of which shares a common language and culture. Some Indian languages have a long literary history--Sanskrit literature is more than 5,000 years old which gave birth to other Indian languages and literatures.
.. Bengali.. Gujarati.. Hindi
.. Malayalam.. Punjabi.. Sanskrit
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