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Indian Jobs

Indian Jobs
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Honey - Is my data secure?December 28th, 2007
I heard that in one Famous BPO Company in chennai , One staff who performed exceedingly well was fired., The reason given was, he uploaded some files to some file hosting service providing website.,
BPO Companies mostly have strict regulations when it comes to data security., But security should be stopping the employees even before they try to share the documents.,
How will it be achieved?
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Senior Management JobsDecember 20th, 2007
I recently read articles on blogs and media sites about MNC Companies not considering resumes forwarded to them by Active Job Seekers for Senior Management Positions.,
This should be the most funniest corporate decisions taken by MNC Companies.They think that , if a person is fit for a senior position in the company, then they need not look out for a job.Then the same policy should be extended to the junk products that they manufacture., Why do these companies hire super stars to endorse their products? , if a product is good, customers wil surely find and buy them, then why do they appoint super stars to endorse their products?
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Salary For Freshers in India!December 13th, 2007
Pay Scale For Freshers in India
*Company* *Salary in LPA*
Freshers Salary In Accenture 2.1Freshers Salary In Adobe *5.7*Freshers Salary In Amazon 7.5Freshers Salary In Attrenta 4.8Freshers Salary In Caritor 2Freshers Salary In CISCO 4Freshers Salary In Computer Associates 4.5Freshers Salary In CTS 2.1Freshers Salary In DE Shaw 6Freshers Salary In Deloitte 7Freshers Salary In Fiorano 5Freshers Salary In Flextronics (HSS) 3Freshers Salary In *Google* *12.0*Freshers Salary In GE 3Freshers Salary In HCL 2Freshers Salary In Hexaware 2.1Freshers Salary In IBM 2.5Freshers Salary In Impulsesoft 4.5Freshers Salary In Interra Systems 4.6Freshers Salary In Induslogic 4.2Freshers Salary In Infosys Systems 1.8Freshers Salary In Kanbay 2.25Freshers Salary In Kritical 5.6Freshers Salary In MBT 2.5Freshers Salary In Microsoft *7.8*Freshers Salary In Mindtree 3Freshers Salary In Motorola 3.6Freshers Salary In Oracle 4.2Freshers Salary In Patni(PCS) 1.7Freshers Salary In Perot 2.5Freshers Salary In Polaris 2Freshers Salary In SAP Labs 4Freshers Salary In Samsung 4.6Freshers Salary In Satyam 2.25Freshers Salary In STM 4.5Freshers Salary In Sun Microsystems *5.0*Freshers Salary In Syntel 2.05Freshers Salary In Tata Elxsi 1.9Freshers Salary In Tavant 3.6Freshers Salary In TCS 1.8Freshers Salary In T-Mobile *8.0*Freshers Salary In Trilogy *7.5*Freshers Salary In Verizon 3Freshers Salary In Virtusa 2.4Freshers Salary In Wipro 2.1
This is not a conclusive / affirmative data. This is just provided for reading purpose., no claims, guarantees on the accuracy of the above data is given. The above data is just Copied from open forums and NOT GIVEN BY THE RESPECTIVE COMPANIES.
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Will Jobs Move Back to Silicon Valley from India?November 19th, 2007
I was reading an interesting article on ,
Cisco chairman John Chambers came to Bangalore to unveil the San Jose-based company’s $50-million campus that sprawls across 14 acres. The integrated high-tech facility is the new home for 3,000 Indian workers across R&D, IT, sales and customer support teams.
Compare this scenario with media reports over the summer that some Silicon Valley companies were starting to pull jobs back from Bangalore to the U.S. The Wall Street Journal reported that firms such as Riya of San Mateo, Kana Software of Menlo Park and Teneros of Mountain Lakes have wound up their Indian operations and are moving engineers to the U.S., largely because of frustration over rising wages for Indian engineers and difficulties in retaining them.
Cisco and Riya present contrasting faces of the offshore outsourcing business in India today. While large companies like Cisco, IBM and Accenture are expanding their operations, smaller Silicon Valley startups are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain their operations.

More on    here
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Nice Ad by Nowrunning.comJuly 20th, 2007
I thought iam the king of SEM for days., But seems few people are better than meThe ad by at youtube is really different
I was Browsing Youtube for :
and saw the Google adwords video ad for Kreedam movie , starring ajith., Its clearly a different approach! Congratz Guyz
For those searching for media jobs, Visit to post your Resume
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Jobs in TV ?July 8th, 2007
So you are a Model and looking for Media jobs in India or acting jobs or any Jobs in TV ?
Try orkut , There are thousands of Modelling groups targetted to indians!
I have Given Some Links here:Modelling
Indian Models
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Manager? What does this mean?July 8th, 2007
Its “who is a manager” or “what is a manager”,
Generally people say “Manager is what a manager does” , some say manager is someone who manages, But manages what?
Management is not about delegation, delegation is a part of management, A manager even if delegates should be having knowledge about the work that is delegated and also the work that is delegated by the person to whom the same work is delegated.
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AMD cuts 430 jobs worldwideMay 14th, 2007
ATI buyout and competition from Intel begin to bite.
Chip giant AMD has announced 430 job cuts in its operations around the world.
With an estimated 16,000 staff worldwide, the announcement sees AMD shedding 2.6 percent of its total workforce.
The layoffs include positions in sales, marketing, administration and engineering as the company integrates ATI while continuing to compete against Intel.
A spokesman for AMD said that the measures would affect all departments in all geographies, although the job cuts are known to include about 80 employees in Austin, Texas, 40 in the firm’s Sunnyvale and Santa Clara facilities, and 50 in Markham, Ontario.
Read More
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Will the Job Find me?May 1st, 2007
I see several people below 25, and astonishingly even people 25+ think them as a top qualified person and wait for a company to hire them.
There are lakhs of indians like this.,
So Are you the one who expects the job to find you?
Then You must be either having a clear vision about yourself , your quality and qualification or You must be a lazy, useless person who is a burden for your family and your sorrounding , If you belong to the former, You can wait for the job to find you, But if you belong to the latter, Dont waste anymore time, Apply for a Job at1) - The No.1 Indian Jobs Site2) http://www.naukri.com3)
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Who is a Manager?April 29th, 2007
There ar 2 types of people in Management:
1) One Who gives advice
2) One who decides based on the advice
Chanakya , The founder of Arthasasthra, Only Good Management Book I have ever read, Falls under the first category,
The Best quote i Like on This Great Man’s Words is:
“A debt should be paid off till the last penny”
If you are into management, Read only the ArthasasthraÂ
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